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When will my order ship?

We usuallyship all orders placed before 12 PM EST on the same business day. Sometimes youmay expect a slight delay of 1-2 business days. Please note that an orderplaced during the weekend or on a holiday will ship on the following workingday as we do not ship on non-business days.

The trackingnumber for every order is automatically emailed after shipping. Alternatively,you can check the online Order Status by clickinghere.

How long will it take after my order ships?

Our defaultshipping method is expedited shipping methods which may take 1-2 business days,Ontario and 2-5 business days outside Ontario to be delivered.  All orders are shipped from our Toronto,Ontario warehouse.

Once apackage leaves our warehouse it becomes the responsibility of the carrier. Thecarrier is responsible for any unforeseen delays in the arrival of your order.We will do our best to help you, but we cannot guarantee a fast turnaround onthis.

NOTE: Please make sure your billing andshipping addresses are correct, we have no way to verify your address, inaccurateshipping address may cause your order to be delayed. For an order to be shippedon the same business day, it must be placed before 12 PM EST. If your order isplaced after 12 PM EST or on a non-business day, it will be shipped on thefollowing working day.

Back Order / On Order items

If a productis Back Order or On Order, it is not currently in stock at any of ourwarehouses. We have ordered the product from our supplier, but may not have anestimated time of arrival yet. We will update you on the status of your ordervia email. If the supplier is unable to fulfill an order, it will in turn becancelled. While we regret cancelling any orders due to inventory shortage,sometimes these circumstances are beyond our control. Therefore, we suggestthat you do not order Back Order or On Order items if you need them in a timelymanner.

Do you ship internationally?

We do notship internationally. Currently, we only ship within Canada.

Shipping Rates and Times:

ShippingMethods and Carriers
We useseveral Canada Post, Expedite Shipping Method.
ExpediteShipping Method:
Carrier: Canada Post
Time: Delivery within 2 to 5 businessdays.

How do I contact the shipping company?

Canada Post:866-607-6301 –

Duplicate Orders

Most of ourorders are approved automatically by a set of filters to make the processfaster for our customers. Please make sure to contact our Customer Service orSales Department if you believe your order has been duplicated. Toner and InkPlus will not take responsibility for doubled orders, although you will ofcourse be allowed to return the duplicate shipment.

How do I cancel/edit my order?

Toner andInk Plus strives to process your order as quickly as possible. In our effort toprevent delays, the period of time available to cancel an order is short. Foryou to be able to cancel an order online, its status must be Pending Approval.If your order status is Pending Fulfillment, the items are already being pickedfrom the shelves, packaged and stacked on the loading dock. If you need tocancel an order that is Pending Fulfillment, please contact Customer Serviceimmediately. We cannot guarantee we will be able to cancel it, but we will doour best.

To cancel anorder, please follow the directions below:

1. Go to"Your Account Login" (located at the top of this page)
2. Click on"See Orders" under the "Orders" column.
3. Look foryour order on the list. If it is Pending Fulfillment, contact our CustomerService. If it is Pending Approval, click on "View" or"Edit".
4. Click on"Cancel" to cancel the entire order, or click on "Edit" toremove an item or change the quantity of an item.
5. You willsee a message that reads "Sales Order record successfully cancelled".
6. Click OK.

My tracking number is not working. What should I do?

If thetracking number for your package shows no activity or delivery confirmation, itis possible that the shipment is still in transit or out for delivery. Packagesare not always scanned at every facility they go through during shipment, soyou may not see any updates for a few days. Please try again within few hoursfor more up-to-date information.

If thetracking number indicates that your package was delivered but it was not leftat your front door, it could have been left somewhere safe. Please check youroffice, porch, garage, building's front desk, bushes and with your neighbor.

If you arestill not able to locate the package and it is past the shipping timeframe,please contact Customer Service so that we look into the situation.

What should I do if an item is delivered damaged?

If yourshipment is delivered damaged, please initiate a return authorization requestwithin 5 business days from receipt of the package. Do not throw away or alterthe product or packaging; we will need a picture of the damage package in thesame condition as it was received to properly establish that the damage was dueto shipping. We will not accept claims for shipping damage if any of thecontents or packaging have been altered or discarded. Depending on the carrierused to ship your order, we will process the damage claim in one of two ways:

For someclaims, we will have to contact the shipping company and file a claim. Theywill schedule a pickup from the customer's location for inspection of thepackage.

For someother claims, we will process a return authorization for you to send thepackage back to our warehouse following the normal return procedure.

After we areable to properly establish that the product was damaged during shipment, Tonerand Ink Plus will replace the products based on return policy.

What should I do if an item is missing from my order?

If you havemultiple tracking numbers, it means your order was shipped in separatepackages. Check that the number of packages received matches the number oftracking numbers for your order. Verify that you have received all boxes andchecked all packing material for small items. If you are still missing an item,please contact our Customer Service by Clicking Here.

Why was my order sent in multiple packages when allthe items could have fit in one box?

We keep thesafety of your packages in mind with regard to weight and size. Many times whenmultiple packages are shipped the shipping company may route a package on toanother truck due to space issues. However, they will make every effort todeliver all packages on the same day.

Sometimesitems are shipped from another warehouse to avoid delays. In these cases,different shipping companies may be used for your various packages.

My Package never arrived and it says that it has beenshipped

 Insome cases a package can be lost in transit by the carrier. Toner and Ink Pluswill file a claim with the shipping company and will either reship the packageor reimburse the customer upon claim resolution. Claims are accepted within 30days from the date of purchase.

Claims are applicablefor packages with no tracking number, packages delivered to an addressdifferent from that entered by the customer or packages showing no updates formore than 5 business days. Please remember that NO CLAIMS WILL BE TAKEN PASTTHE 30 DAYS.


Once a package leaves our warehouse it becomes the responsibility of thecarrier. The carrier is responsible for any unforeseen delays in the arrival ofyour order. We will do our best to help you, but we cannot guarantee a fastturnaround or the delivery of the stuff.  You may choose your own shipping carrier if you like.


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